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International Freight Forwarders can be searched for in the directory, as wellas other related categories like auto, shipping, container shipping and air cargo. However, it has also been developed so that, in your quest to find logistics solutions from reputable freight forwarders, you can be country specific and compare individual carriers in each locale.

Use the map below to select the country for your Freight Forwarders:

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International Freight Forwarders
To find freight forwarders for a specific country, please choose among the countries listed below. Once you havedone so, you will have all of the relevant contact details at your disposal to contact each firm individually andassess their services and whether they are suitable for your cargo shipping.
Compare International Freight Forwarders
Shopping around to find the right freight forwader is the best way to receive superior rates and services.However, some freight forwarders offer differing levels of expertise and facilities depending on the kind of consignment. So, always try to balance out service and price.

Freight Forwarders Message Board:

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    Hi, I have some boxes to ship to Iran, they are just some clothes, shoes and other personal stuff. The shipping information are as follows: From Montreal, Canada To Shiraz, Iran 3 boxes 1x1x1 m3 Time Jul, 2014 The shipping time doesn't matter, I'm ...

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    Hi, I have 1 small car, 1 medium size car and 3 cubics meters of boxes contained clothes, shoes, toys etc. I would like these shipped to Bata, Equatorial Guinea, this month or next. Would you please give me a quote. You can contact me on 01803 203 ...

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    Dear Sirs, To send a box with professional outfits to Accra,Ghana. We would like to have your complete quote to ship a box with professional outfits to Ghana. Please inform the costs with all the required details to proceed with this shipment. Thanks ...

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