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Our International Freight Forwarders Directory matches individual's private and commercial cargo needs with freight forwarders with expertise in all facets of air, sea and road freight forwarding. Regardless of weight, dimensions or final destination, companies located in this Directory have the capabilities and facilities to service your particular shipment.

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Finding International Freight Forwarders
Search through our listing of freight forwarders and assess which ones are capable of fulfilling your air cargo,ocean cargo or road freight specifications. Once you have found them and feel that they possess the logisticssolution that you require, contact them directly and obtain your quotes.
Compare Overseas Freight Forwarders
Some freight forwarders specialize in shipping niche cargo items like cars and boats, while others can do the sameas well as those of a more general nature. If your shipment requires detailed attention, carefully considerthe pro's and con's of both types of freight forwarders.

Freight Forwarders Message Board:

  • Moving from Amsterdam to Edinburgh

    Hello, At mid December I am moving to Edinburgh from Amsterdam. I have 4-5 boxes to ship (55x35x33, 20 kg each). The content will mostly be books, folders, clothes and bedding. Can anyone suggest a rather cheap-ish courier? Thanks, Michaela ...

  • Box shipping from Madrid,Spain to Bethesda,Maryland,USA

    I need to ship an antique Cash Register worth about $1500 and weighing about 20 kilos to be put in a box and delivered door to door. Should be picked up in my house in Madrid, Spain to my house in Bethesda,USA. Can you do it and give me an approximat ...

  • Household items

    I wish to send about 400kg of personal items to toronto by shipment. this includes cutlery and linen, clothes and shoes , a coffee table and large wall mirror. The personal items will fit into two mettalic boxes medium size enough to carry 80kg each. ...

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