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Express Box shipping to Jordan

Posted by: Cristoforo Lagomarsino

I need to ask a few questions about express box shipping to Jordan. My company is preparing an order at our facility at Rome, Italy. It will be ready to ship by the first part of next week. Is your company available to provide a pickup service by then? How much notice do you require before you will schedule a pickup? Once you have picked up the box, when will you deliver it? Do you provide a guaranteed delivery service? If so, how much extra does that cost? Will you guarantee that only the addressee will be able to receive this box? What of tracking information? Do you include tracking on your express shipments? Is this an extra cost? Are there any holidays your company observes that you will neither pickup or deliver? Please include information about opening an account with your company so that we may submit shipments to you. If we enjoy your shipping services, we will likely continue using them. Thank you for sending me this information.