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Express Box shipping to Uruguay

Posted by: Delores Galvan

Hello. I need to send a box of some personal items to my sister who is visiting with friends in South America. If your company provides express box shipping to Uruguay, will you please email me information about those shipping services? Do you provide a pickup service from my location at Monterrey, Mexico? If not, do you have a shipping office that is nearby? I can just as easily drop off the box on my way to work. Just please provide me with its location and what hours it is open for business. Do you have a standard rate schedule for these kinds of shipments that can provide me with an estimate of how much shipping this box will cost? Also, how long will it take you to deliver this box to my sister in Uruguay? Is there any way that you can restrict the delivery so that only my sister will be able to sign for it and accept delivery? I just want to be certain that she gets it. Thank you for replying to my questions and for sending me this information.