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Express Box shipping to Paraguay

Baxter Ind
Posted by: Larry Baxter

I need information about express box shipping to Paraguay. The point of origin for this shipment is from our warehouse here at San Diego, California, in the United States. This shipment weighs less than 6 pounds. Do you have a standard shipping rate that applies between these two locations? Does your rates include insurance charges? Or is insurance an additional cost? Does this insurance cover the full declared value, or only the difference between the declared value and any liability limits you may have? What is your estimated time to deliver this shipment to Paraguay? Will you guarantee you will deliver it be that day? Are you familiar with Paraguay customs? Is it likely they may delay the shipment when it arrives at the border? Will their customs add any incidental charges to the shipment that must be paid before the shipment may proceed? Thanks for sending this information to my email address.