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Express Box shipping to Haiti

Posted by: Fabrice Osmond

We need to send an order by express box shipping to Haiti from our facility at Drummondville, Quebec, Canada. We will have this order ready to ship within the next 3 to 4 days time. When will you be available to provide a pickup at our location? Do you require an advance notice? Is there anything we must be aware before we ship this box to Haiti? Can you provide us with your current shipping charges for an express shipment between Canada and Haiti? Will you also provide us with a time of delivery? Is this time of delivery a guarantee? What happens if the shipment is late being delivered? If there are any damages to the shipment at the time of delivery, will you pay for that damage? Can we purchase additional insurance that will cover the difference between the declared value of the shipment and your liability limits? Thanks for sending this information as soon as possible.