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International Box shipping to Belize

Posted by: Garnor Williams

The topic of international box shipping to Belize is my purpose for posting to this forum. My employer has assigned me to complete the shipping arrangements within the next few days. How much time does your company require a notice before you are able to schedule a pickup appointment? We are shipping this from our warehouse here in Orlando, Florida, in the United States. Which transportation mode will you use to complete this shipment? What are the customs requirements for shipping into Belize? Should we expect any incidental charges to be added? If so, who will pay those charges? What is your policy if our shipment is lost or stolen? Does your insurance cover this loss, or should we prepare to purchase insurance that would cover this potential loss? Since this would be our first time in doing business with your company, how is the best way for us to setup an account with your company? We will anticipate receiving your company's introductory information package as soon as possible. Thank you for sending it and we will reply to you in kind.