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Express Box shipping to Bosnia-Herzegovina

Augeri and Sons
Posted by: Trent Maxwell

Hello and good day to you. I must ask for information about express box shipping to Bosnia-Herzegovina. The items that I am preparing to ship have already been packaged and the package is ready for shipping. Will your company be able to provide a pickup service at our facility at Montreal, Quebec, Canada by the first of next week? We are seeking a professional courier who can promise an on time delivery. Is this something your company is prepared to do? Will you stand by your promises? We would like to have an estimate of your shipping charges. Do you have a standard sheet that lists your pricing per sizes and weights? Does that list include your express charges? Also, please let us know when you will deliver this shipment to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Our customer needs the contents of this package as soon as possible. Thank you for sending us this information. Please also include your own contact information so we may contact you with any further questions and also so we can arrange a pickup day.