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Express Box shipping to Latvia

Yerta Inc.
Posted by: Arjen Janssen

Express box shipping to Latvia is the reason I am posting to this forum. We are preparing a shipment from our facility here at Johannesburg, South Africa, that will be ready to ship by the middle of next week. We seek to connect with a company who can schedule a pickup by then and will complete this shipment to Latvia within a reasonable time frame. If you will send your company's shipping information to the email address that is provided here, will you please be sure to include your response to a couple of our questions? When will your company be available for a pickup? When will you deliver this box to Latvia? Do you guarantee a specific time you will deliver it? What happens if the box is damaged during shipping? Do you pay to replace it? How might we go about obtaining any tracking information about the shipment while it is in transit? Is it accessible over the Internet, or will we have to contact you in order to track it? Thanks for sending this information to us.