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International Box shipping to Greece

Posted by: Victor Harrimon

I have posted my request for information about international box shipping to Greece. I actually have 3 boxes to ship if that is okay with you. One box weighs 16 pounds and is 3 ft long, 2.5 ft wide, and 2 ft deep. The second box weighs 11 pounds and is 2.5 ft long, 2 ft wide, and 1.5 ft deep. The third box weighs 14 pounds and is 2 ft long, 1.5 ft wide and 10 inches deep. I am shipping these boxes from our warehouse located near Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. Based on the information I have just provided, can you send me a quote as to how much you will charge to deliver these boxes to Athens, Greece? Does your company include pickup service at our warehouse? And I would also like to ask if you guarantee a delivery day or time? Express delivery is not necessary for this shipment, but you can also include your pricing for that service if you wish. Thank you for sending this information to my direct contact information.