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Oversized Box shipping to Lithuania

Posted by: Juan Carlos

Is anyone okay with oversized box shipping to Lithuania? By oversized box, this box is 15 ft long by 12 ft wide and 9 ft deep. It is much bigger than it weighs, for its weight is only 121 pounds. It is just big and bulky. What is your suggested transportation mode for us to ship this box from Miami, Florida, in the United States? There is no rush, so we do not require express shipping. However, if if is determined that the best transportation method is by air cargo, that is acceptable to us. Would you be able to provide an estimate as to how much you will charge to complete this delivery? If you consider different transportation modes, please include an estimate for each. That will assist us in making the better decision. Please also include your estimated time to deliver for each transportation mode considered as well. The contact information I have included with this post, is my direct email address. This will direct your shipping information to my attention and will reduce the possibility of any unnecessary delays. Thank you.