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Express Box shipping to Ukraine

Posted by: Norman Roswell

I must send a box to my cousin who lives in Kharkiv. This is why I have posted here and that is to ask for information about express box shipping to Ukraine. I am shipping this box from Newark, New Jersey, in the United States. Does your company offer shipping services from my location? If so, then how do I drop off this package for shipping with your company? Do you have a pickup service where you will come to my home to pickup the box? The box is not large. It is only 1 ft long by 8 inches wide by 5 inches deep. It weighs less than 2 pounds including the packing. How much do you estimate you will charge me to ship this with your company? How soon can you deliver this box? Do you offer a guaranteed delivery service? If so, how much extra does that cost? My cousin needs this box by the end of next week. Can you deliver it by then? Thanks for sending me this information. I really appreciate it.