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Expedited Box shipping to India

Posted by: Raul Salizar

Greetings my friends. I have a few items that I need to send to New Delhi, India. Since I am inexperienced in shipping, I will also require your expertise on how it is best to pack these items as well. So if your company provides expedited box shipping to India, I need your help. The items I must send are ornaments that are for my cousin's birthday event that is within the next couple of weeks. So you now see why I want to ship this quickly. Can you deliver this package within this time period? The box is about 2 ft by 1.5 ft by 1 ft and weighs less than 4 pounds. It may weigh a bit more once your company assists me to add any packing material to the box. How much will you charge me to help with this packing? Can you provide me an estimate of how much it will cost me to ship this package with your company? In order to make it easier for you to send this information, and so I will receive it quicker, I have included my personal email address with this post. Thank you for sending it.