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Express Box shipping to Russia

I seek the services of a company who handles express box shipping to Russia. If you can guarantee our shipment will arrive on time and undamaged, then please expedite your information to me as I must ship this box right away. The box is already packed and is ready for your company to pick it up at my home. If your company does not provide pickup service, I must ask if you have a local drop off location that is here in Amsterdam, Holland. If that is the case, then please include an address and / or directions for that location when you send your information packet. This shipment is fragile and is packed accordingly. It is also clearly marked as to its fragility. Please handle this package with great care as the glassware contained within the box is also very expensive. If you break the contents of this package during shipping, will you provide due compensation for its value? Do you offer additional insurance that will cover this value? Please forward your information packet to my email address as soon as possible. Thanks.