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Express Box shipping to Saudi Arabia

I must prepare express box shipping to Saudi Arabia at the earliest moment. So if you would email your information packet to me promptly, I can have this package made available for shipment quickly. Please also tell me how soon you may deliver this package to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The box contains a group of ornaments that will be used in my uncle's living quarters. These ornaments are fragile in nature, so I will also need your assurances they will be delivered without damage. Can you guarantee this? What would be your charge to deliver this box? Might I also request a tracking number so that I may watch its progress? How would you suggest these ornaments be packed in order to provide them with the most protection during their journey? Does your company have a drop off location here at Madrid, Spain? If not, then how can I arrange for your company to pickup this package at my home? Please email this requested information as soon as possible. I will look for your responses today. Thanks.