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Express Box shipping to Sweden

Hello everyone! I am looking for a company who offers express box shipping services to Sweden. Might that be your company? If so, then please send me your shipping offer to my included email address. I am sending a box of vitamins to my aunt who lives just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. There is a certain kind of vitamin that she wants and she is unable to purchase them locally. I am on holiday in the United States so I want to ship them to her. Does your company offer guaranteed delivery by a specific date and / or time? No worries if you do not. I just want it delivered to her within the next few days. Will that be possible? Do you have a drop off service available near to Miami, Florida? If so, do you also have packing materials available at that location? As I said, I am on holiday so I do not have these things with me so I need to get them from you. If you will also email me your cost of express shipping this package with your company, I will greatly appreciate your efforts. Thanks.