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Express Box shipping to United States

I need information on express box shipping to United States. If your company has information on how to do this from Brazil it would be great because that is where I must ship this box from. I have a small box that weighs less than 5 pounds that I need to ship from Rio to Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. The package should be delivered next week, so I need the information on how to ship this just as soon as you can get me the information. There is nothing in this box that will break. There is also nothing that is perishable in it either. It is just a simple article of clothing that I need to return to the manufacturer due to that item being damaged when I received it. If your company is involved in this kind of shipping, then please email me with the information I have requested. Also, please advise me on about how much this will cost as well as about how long it will take for it to be delivered. Thanks a lot. I do appreciate it.