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Expedited Box shipping to New Zealand

I am seeking information about expedited box shipping to New Zealand. The box is to be shipped from Brazil in a couple of weeks, which is why I am requesting the information now. The shipment will weigh about 10 pounds, and will be shipped in a box that is approximately 3 ft in length by 1 ft wide. The boxes height is about 10 inches. The contents of this box are not fragile, so it will not be necessary to add extra padding. However, it does need enough material in order to keep it from moving around in the box during the trip. Please, when you send your information include your company's pricing and an estimate on about how long it will take to arrive. Since I am seeking expedited, will it arrive within 2 days? 3 days? Or how long? I just want to know what I should tell the recipient in about when they can expect their package. Thanks.