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Box shipping to Canada

I need to ship ship boxes to Canada from the United States. These boxes weigh several pounds each and are of standard size. The contents of these boxes include bedding so there is nothing hazardous or anything like that. I just need to ship the bedding from Texas to Montreal in the best way possible. What I need is to have contact with a company that specializes in box shipping to Canada. Are there any duties, fees, or any customs paperwork that is necessary? I also need to find out what the normal shipping fees are for these types of shipments. When you contact me with a quote and any other information I have requested, please let me know if there are any special requirements I should do when I prepare the boxes for shipment. Do I need a certain kind of tape, labels, or anything else so I can be sure I am doing this correctly. Thank you for reading my request and I look forward to your email about how to ship my boxes to Canada.